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From the offset, we sense that Deok-chul has a passion that he by no means received to pursue. is the story concerning the goals of this 23-yr-old and the 70-year-old man. It’s about folks with desires and people without goals. It’s additionally about and for those who don’t even know what a dream is.

When he practises ballet, he cannot do a firm touchdown. Ki Seung-joo tells him there aren’t any emotions in his strikes, and it looks like a workout. When Lee Chae-rok isn’t dancing, he’s a waiter at a restaurant. A particular person from his past (Ho-beom) walks in and references that his father is being released from jail quickly; he asks Lee Chae-rok if he deserves an excellent life. A flashback happens of Lee Chae-rok asking Ho-beom for assist after his father went to jail, and Ho-beom punches him.

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Just before his 70th birthday, he saw 23-yr-old ballerino Chae ok by happenstance. He tells himself to offer it a shot one last time, holding the dream the he wished to fly just once in life. Chae-rok is nursing a nagging knee harm; on the day of his audition, he bolts earlier than his huge moment, selecting as a substitute to greet his father upon his release. He and Deok-chul’s paths cross without them realizing it; as soon as, they’re on the identical bus, one other time, they’re in the same viewers, entranced by a efficiency of Swan Lake.


Over the course of his life, he all the time put his family first before his dream. Making the choice to lastly pursue his dream, Shem Deok Chool joins a ballet college, where he meets 23-12 months-old Lee Chae Rok. The younger ballet dancer struggles to assist himself financially, and his passion for ballet has begun to fade away, that is until he meets aspiring ballet dancer Shim Deok Chool.

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He notices something is up and confronts his pupil after class. Chae-Rok brushes apart his considerations though and easily tells him he’s feeling slightly heavy. In fact, plenty of his stresses stem from the dying of his Mother, and along with his Father released from jail shortly, he guarantees to visit her again soon. Episode 1 of Navillera begins with Deok-Chool paying his respects at a funeral.

Now, Sim Deok-Chool makes the decision to pursue his dream once more. His household, together with his wife and grownup children, aren’t happy together with his decision, but Sim Deok-Chool does not waver in pursuing his life long dream. Deok-chul Shim (Park In-hwan) is a 70-yr-old retired mailman who decides to pursue his life-long dream of studying ballet, which does not please his family. He is struggling financially and thinks of giving up ballet .

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